LES ORTON supports the British National Party but views expressed are his own and not The BNP.
A lifelong resident of Northfield, Les Orton will be standing as a the 2010 BNP candidate for Northfield for both the Local Council Ward Election AND The Parlimentary Election. Les says that he would be honoured to represent this area at any level, as a member of the BNP.


Les Orton (pictured here opposite The Black Horse Pub in Northfield) is ready to represent YOU the Northfield constituent in the council elections and as PPC in the forthcoming General and Local elections. A vote for the BNP is a vote for BNP beliefs:

To withdraw immediately from The EU, saving £50million pounds a day (£3.5 billion per week). On withdrawal from The EU, The BNP would re-instate the death penalty for murder and rape where there is conclusive proof.Sarahs law would be implemented in full not trialed like the soft labour goverment.I want your children to be safe and criminals where they should be in(prison).

To stop uncontrolled immigration immediately, and to deport failed asylum seekers and illegal immigrants.

To stop foreign aid immediately and only restart foreign aid when each and every Pensioner and other deserving citizens have enough money to heat their homes AND buy food.

Contrary to reports from the Marxist NUJ, The BNP are not racist.

Friday, 26 March 2010

Thursday, 25 March 2010

The British National Party — Blog — Budget 2010: Voodoo Economics and a Reckless and Gross Mismanagement of the Economy

The British National Party — Blog — Budget 2010: Voodoo Economics and a Reckless and Gross Mismanagement of the Economy

The British National Party — Blog — Nick Griffin to EU: Stop Robbing Britain

The British National Party — Blog — Nick Griffin to EU: Stop Robbing Britain

Monday, 15 February 2010


Members of my friends in Team Black Country BNP are soon to undertake a 1,100 foot walk up to Rodney's Pillar, on the Shropshire borders. Sponsors will be helping to fund the candidates for entry in to the campaign to potentially elect Members of Parliament to Westminster.

The last time this walk was completed, we were joined by Chairman Mr. Nick Griffin, and Deputy Chairman, Mr Simon Darby. We cannot promise that this will happen this time around, due to their massive commitments elsewhere, but who knows?

The team will walk up the 1,100 foot hill, and sponsors are required to help the campaign to get MP's elected, or give the enemies of our country a bloody good fright indeed, and prepare the way for future General Elections with a show of strength.

At 1 penny per foot, sponsors are able to help without breaking the bank. Some will want to go the whole hog, and sponsor every step. £11 will see the whole walk covered, but it is down to personal circumstances etc.

Anyone who wants to join the actual walk, contact Russ Green or John Salvage by email

Sponsors please send cheques to Black Country British National Party, 131, Wattle Rd, West Bromwhich. B70 9EX. Alternatively, fill in the credit/debit card forms that will be available to all members and supporters shorty upon request and via post/internet.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Tories Will Force Taxpayers to Pay to Teach Immigrants English

As reported on The BNP Website...

The Conservative Party has announced that it intends to force British taxpayers to pay millions to teach immigrants to speak English “so they can integrate better.”

Making the announcement, Tory Shadow Communities Minister Sayeeda Warsi said: “Taxpayers’ money should be spent on teaching people English rather than keeping people apart by translating into a plethora of languages.”

She was responding to the news that at least £10.9 million and possibly as much as £20 million is spent by councils across Britain each year translating official documents into a variety of languages.

The correct policy is, of course, not to allow mass immigration in the first place which would prevent this problem from occurring — but that simple solution is not on the Tory or Labour agenda.

According to the figures, obtained through Freedom of Information Act requests to hundreds of councils across Britain, official documents are currently translated into more than 120 different languages from around the globe.

The most frequently translated language was Polish, with 208 councils catering for those speakers, closely followed by Cantonese and Mandarin.

Asian and African languages including Bengali, Gujarati, Urdu, Arabic and Farsi appear on the list as do dozens of obscure tongues including Bambara, Ewe, Xhosa and various dialects of Mandarin Chinese.

Three councils — Hackney, Newham and Oxfordshire — even cater for Maltese, even though English is an official language on the bilingual island of Malta.

The figures show that the council with the biggest single translation budget is Southwark in south London, which spent £358,349 on translators in the 2007/08 year.

The languages in which Southwark provides its documents include Arabic, Bengali, Cantonese, Mandarin, Farsi, Hungarian, Kurdish, Polish, Latvian, Somali, Turkish, Vietnamese and Urdu.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

South Birmingham Raises £3000 at Meeting to Launch “Anti-Colonial Struggle”

As reported on The BNP Website...

Arthur Kemp in full flow...

The South Birmingham branch of the British National Party raised £3000 at its latest meeting this week which was marked by a call for the party to launch its own “anti-colonial struggle.”

The huge collection, topped up by the auction of a “Griffin 10” T-shirt and other sought-after items, will enable South Birmingham BNP to fight three parliamentary seats in its region. The large amount of cash raised means that the other parties will now see a determined BNP challenge.

The fundraising drive was conducted by BNP foreign affairs spokesman Arthur Kemp, who started off proceedings by detailing genetic and historical proof of the indigenous nature of the British population.

He then went on to discuss how indigenous peoples all over the world had the right to resist colonisation.

“We have seen liberals all over the world this week celebrating Nelson Mandela’s 20th anniversary of his release from imprisonment,” Mr Kemp said.

“The Africans objected to being colonised by Europeans, and this objection is accepted worldwide as correct and just.

“But if Africans objected to being colonised by Europeans, then Europeans have the same right to object to being colonised by Africa or the Third World, which is exactly what is happening with current Third World immigration levels into Britain and all western nations,” he said.

He pointed to recent figures which showed that 61 percent of all primary school children in Birmingham were now from the “ethnic minorities.” This is, he said, “no longer an ethnic minority, but a majority. This is colonisation by immigration.

“The BNP is, therefore, no longer an ‘anti-immigration’ party. It is an anti-colonial party and let us here tonight in Birmingham launch our anti-colonial struggle,” Mr Kemp said to applause.

* At a BNP meeting in Shrewsbury addressed by Mr Kemp the evening before, just over £900 was raised to fight that seat. The candidate there will be South Shropshire organiser James Whittall.